Madison Makanaokahaku Scott
Madison Makanaokahaku Scott is an energetic young lady with God gifted musical talent. She has a strong interest in all things Hawaiian, especially the language, music and culture. Her name means "gift of God", which is Hawaiian name given to her. She has been joyfully singing, playing piano and composing music for the Lord since her early childhood. Diligent in her personal devotion to Jesus, her earnest desire is to encourage others to know and worship the God who made them. For her high school senior project, Makanaokahaku has performed and produced an album entitled Makanaokahaku, having arranged several of her favorite traditional Hawaiian mele (songs). To this she has added five of her own compositions. Makanaokahaku serves on the worship team in her local church on the Central Coast of California with her 'ohana (family). Without the burden of eyesight, Makanaokahaku focuses on how to experience God's creation through her other heightened senses.

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